IBM: Dream It Done

In concert with a new IBM Services brand, we needed to create awareness for IBM Services. IBM is not known or trusted for its brand consultancy and we offer digital transformation services that make up 35% of IBM’s revenue.

By itself, the IBM Services brand is a set of colors, fonts, and layouts, we created a campaign that will give it voice, a place for audiences–existing and potential clients, analysts and media– to rally around.  We created an umbrella storyline to promote its digital transformation/reinvention strategy and bring IBM Services brand work to life.

Success today, for business execs, is all about balance. Having the technology, and the creativity. Being on top of what’s a passing fad, and knowing what creates long-term value. Keeping the business running, but discovering new ideas along the way. Learn from a team of IBM consultants (with both the expertise and the imagination) to help you find the balance you need to dream big but execute bigger.


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